Our Purpose

Our purpose is to build long-term win-win relationships by fueling your growth through an integrated marketing strategy and execution in the marketplace. This is accomplished through the utilization of marketing collateral, direct mail, email, personalized web sites and the benefits of the tracking capabilities of each channel.

Our Core Values

Harty was founded in 1900. We have stood the test of time and weathered the storm through two world wars, a depression and numerous recessions. We have survived, even thrived, by maintaining a strong customer focus and understanding that our contributors are our most valued investment. The Platt family is the fourth set of owners since the company’s founding. We believe Harty has a life all its own and we are just watching it for a while.

These core values are our ideology, they describe our culture and stand as our foundation. When we research our history we find that in essence they are the only constant…and as we look to the future and our growth, we see them remaining substantially unchanged. They outline the behaviors, actions and beliefs that allow us to approach our purpose and vision. These values combined with effective leadership and empowered contributors ensure us a bright future.

They identify both our people and performance values, and describe how we interact and treat each other while providing our customers world class service. They must be embraced by all Harty Contributors and are a key ingredient to an individual’s success within the organization.

A Partnership Philosophy:
With clients, contributors, suppliers and community – Win-Win.

Life Long Learning and Embracing Change

A Positive Mental Attitude and Reliable Action.

Respect For Each Other:
In all our dealings.

Going The Extra Mile:
Always giving more than what is expected. You reap what you sow.

Straight Talk:
Integrity is not negotiable and ethics are not situational.

Enjoy What We Do:
Self Satisfaction and Enthusiasm